Northern Star Sustainability


We are proud of our ongoing commitment in harvesting only what nature allows as the shift towards sustainable seafood ensures that the produce we supply will be around for the next generation to come. 

As one of only a handful of operators permitted to fish from the world heritage listed waters of Shark Bay, NorthernStar is committed to the practise of sustainable fishing. We work closely with the Department of Fisheries, building responsible fishing practises and long-term viability while preserving the areas beauty and marine life.

This 2015 season we are excited to report that our WA Shark Bay trawl fishery have received MSC certification. MSC is the world's most respected scientific standard for sustainability, creating greater certainty among our fish consumers that their local seafood purchases are sustainably fished. If your interested to find out more the "WA Prawn fisheries Marine Stewardship Council Certification" article goes into further detail about this exciting development.   


List of accreditations:

• Export Registrations

• HACCP Plan


• MSC Certification